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Pocket Points Social

Published on 20th October 2016

My team decided to solve a problem in society using a campaign involving technology invented in the last 5 years.

Deciding the student-popular PocketPoints app, we created a new "Social" function for the app as a new campaign. We intended to utilize the technology to address the problem:

In addition to PocketPoint's existing features, the social function would motivate users to step outside the classroom and reward them for using the app in large groups. This would translate to groups staying within the same proximity (we estimated a square block would work) in order to earn points.

These points reward hard-working students who chose a Clash of Clans-free lifestyle with coupons for as many pumpkin spice lattes as the heart desires (and as many as participating partners allow).

In addition to the proximity-tied point generation (think Tinder's location service mixed with those slick phone-touch file transfer features), we dreamed-up a few key features to highlight the utility of the proposed app.

1. Facebook-esque events for organization
2. GroupMe-style chat groups for ease of communication
3. Groupons and group-oriented coupons to keep the good times rolling

Creative Direction Zach Simon & Oskar TheriaultDesign Oskar Theriault      

Strategy Jon Egan, Natalie Bestland & Sage Abernathy